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Manisha Exports (Pvt) Ltd.


We are a natural capital-focused company that takes social responsibility seriously. Our business model is built on a foundation of principles including traceability, fair trade, sustainability and the protection of our natural resources and capital at its very core.

Manisha Exports (Pvt) Ltd.


We believe in building community around our producers by investing in and creating economic opportunities which empower small-scale producers and enable them to continue to produce and earn sustainably over generations.

We are also committed to following the 10 Principles of Fair Trade. When you purchase our products and solutions, you are supporting the livelihoods of growers and the upliftment of our farming communities.

Manisha Exports (Pvt) Ltd.


Sri Lanka’s coconut triangle and large agricultural estates boast rich, nutrient -abundant soils, an ideal growing climate, incredible biodiversity and skilled farming communities built on generations of experience.

To ensure our future generations benefit from our natural capital, we are committed to the promotion, adoption and sharing of knowledge on sustainable agricultural practices and the protection of the environment through various means including regular discussions with growers and a range of CSR projects focusing on the upliftment and the development of the farming communities on which it depends.


As part of our commitment towards delivering premium products, we have invested in end-to-end traceability processes which enable us to track raw material from their source to their finished product state which helps us ensure consistency and adherence to our high quality and safety standards.

Manisha Exports (Pvt) Ltd.


We embrace our commitment to sustainability, which is reflected in all aspects of our business. Our premium products are manufactured using high-quality raw materials from Sri Lanka’s famous “coconut triangle” area. These materials which are generally thought of as waste or byproducts of the coconut or natural fibres industry are used to create value-added solutions to global needs from urban gardening and farming to coastal erosion.

Our 100% biodegradable products retain water and promote efficient carbon exchange, reducing the need for water and fertilizers, making it an ideal growing medium. When used in large-scale greenhouses, farmers experience savings of up to 90% of water normally consumed.

Manisha Exports (Pvt) Ltd.
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